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What Is the Darakbang Evangelism Movement That Began in Mark's Upper Room?
This movement started in Mark's upper room ("darakbang" in Korean) in the early church and is a "life movement" in which believers realize God's purpose and plan for the field where they live and go to spread the gospel.

What happened in Mark's Upper room?
In Mark's Upper room, the disciples gathered to pray and share what they had learned and realized during their 3 years with Jesus. They also proclaimed the Lord's resurrection and the things that would take place in the future. This meeting was not organized intentionally, defiantly, commercially, or religiously. It was a meeting that gathered naturally and became the field of true testimonies and evangelism. Because God was with them, this "life movement" struck a heavy blow to Rome. Although Rome could not be defeated with power or knowledge, Rome was completely conquered in 250 years (A.D. 313, Constantine, Roman Emperor).

This is evangelism, and it seems that the believers misunderstand it the most. Normal believers are those who receive answers to their prayers and continually have the fruit of evangelism (life). It is similar to a living tree bearing fruit. Evangelism is not about you going everywhere to evangelize, but about those people thirsty for the gospel coming to you to hear about Jesus and accepting Him as their Savior. When this happens continuously, the scripture in Matthew 28:20 is fulfilled in your life. Because it is God's will for this "life movement" to be spread all over the world, the Darakbang Evangelism Movement is about raising workers and sending them out to other fields.

Then what was their message?
They testified that Jesus was the Christ, whom the whole world and all the people in the Old Testament waited for. As the early church testified Christ, all their problems were solved. We know that Christ means "anointed one." The Jews knew the meaning of the word but did not know it was truth, so the Jews failed to be saved; but the early church saved the world because they understood the reality of this meaning. In the Old Testament, only prophets, priests, and kings were anointed. Jesus is the true Prophet who is the way to meet God (John 14:6), the true Priest who solved our problem of sin, and the true King who overcame the power of the world and Satan. Therefore, Jesus is the Christ. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and receives him as his personal Lord and Savior meets God. This is the message of salvation and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (John 1:12, 14:16-17, 1Corinthians 3:16). If you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you can realistically experience the evidence of salvation and peace. Jesus will free you from all superstitions, sin, Satan, hell and all darkness as evidence that He has all the authority as the true Priest. That is what they testified.

This is the movement that testifies that Jesus was resurrected and is working even now by the Holy Spirit. They experienced and testified that God was with the believers and the church, and that He worked in them through His word. They testified that Jesus reigns over all creation and that He will return as the second coming Lord (king of kings). Many evidences and works of salvation appeared in the early church and are continually taking place today. We must know and relay these facts, for heresies are still eating into our evangelism fields. (Matthew 9:36-39)

Why must we evangelize?
1. Just as the Bible reveals, during these end times, religions are actively rising all around the world. In Korea, Buddhism has spread to every level of society, establishing outstanding preschools and educational programs. Buddhist priests have entered into military fields and are systemically recruiting, increasing their number of followers. Other religions have raised their own institutions and universities and have plowed into even middle and high schools.
2. Religions and cults are invisibly confusing Christians as they seize the institutions of higher education.
3. Why must we evangelize at this time?
  (1) Many people of the world are suffering spiritually and wandering in life. This is because they are lost without God (Genesis 3:1-6). As a result       of this separation from God, sin and corruption are rapidly increasing (Romans 3:23).
  (2) The people who cannot find the way to meet God, easily fall into idolatry and are afflicted with realistic diseases (Exodus 20:4-5).
  (3) As a result, mental problems have rampantly increased throughout the world (Matthew 11:28). For example, the World Health Organization       reports that approximately 10% of the world population receives aid from mental institutions.
  (4) Consequently, physical diseases and incurable illnesses such as AIDS are rapidly spreading.
  (5) And more importantly they don't know the spiritual problem, the existence of God, and the problem of the after-life and are unable to find       rest.They cannot attain happiness because they are engrossed only in the physical things.
  (6) They get caught up by this world while following superstitions, religious rituals, heretic ideologies, and ancestor worship.
4. So naturally, this world is lost in suffering, disasters, and corruption.
  (1) The only way to survive is through life movement.
  (2) We must realistically proclaim the way to meet God, which is accepting Jesus Christ.
  (3) We must reveal how people can be healed from their superstitions, divinations, idols, curses, and sins when Christ is realistically proclaimed.

Evangelism is easy! (Matthew 16:13-20)
Evangelism is the most important thing to God, his greatest concern, and his ultimate goal. That is why He gave us His word, sent Jesus Christ to the world, and granted us His church. All events in this world revolve around God's work of salvation. If you understand evangelism, it will become easy and empowering. It will be the enjoyment of blessing for the church and believers. Those who know God can enjoy and experience the evidence that God is with them through evangelism. When God is with you, evangelism is the easiest thing to do. However, if God is not with you, it is the most difficult thing to do. Evangelism is God's direct work through his saints.

Then what kind of workers did God use for his evangelism ministry in every age?
God used the people who correctly knew Christ. Regardless of how upright, legalistic, ethical, sensible, or exemplary a person may be, if he does not know Christ, God does not use him. The Pharisees were the most ethical people in the world but God judged them as a brood of vipers. The reason was because they did not know Christ.

That is why the first thing Jesus asked his disciples was who the people thought He was. They gave him incorrect answers (Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Elijah, or one of the prophets). Peter, however, gave him the right answer, "You are the Christ, the son of the living God." The Lord then blessed him with the blessing of evangelism and the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

What does it mean to correctly know Christ?
(1) You must know that Christ solved the problem of our separation from God (Genesis 3:1-20) by being the True Prophet.
(2) You must believe that Christ solved the problem of our original sin (Romans 3:23) by being the True Priest and dying on the cross.
(3) Correctly knowing Christ means you believe He is the True King who solved the problem of Satan's control (John 8:44)

For the ones who know Christ correctly, all their problems have been solved. Regardless of a person's individual strength, when one accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior, the Holy Spirit dwells within him. He has received salvation and is forgiven of all his sins. He has been set free from Satan's authority and snare. God opens up all the doors for the one who knows this fact and lets him meet other people who will receive salvation everywhere he goes (read through the Book of Acts carefully)

God uses the ones who know Christ and have the correct experience.
(1) I, who was once a sinner, will experience the fact that I was forgiven through Christ.
(2) Christ answers the prayer of those who accept Him, and His continuous evidences will come which can not be stopped by persecution, opposition, or criticism.
(3) They must realistically believe that the Lord Jesus resurrected, is with the saints through His Holy Spirit, is the head of the Church, is in control of the universe, and will return as the Lord of the Second Coming. With this faith, evidences continually arise because the Lord is with them although they may lack knowledge, merit, or power.

The Bible reveals the evangelism method in an easy way.

The Early Church began to meet in Mark's upper room. One by one, nonbelievers were invited and saved, and everyone witnessed the work of Christ.

The believers gathered in secret because of persecution and testified that the One prophesied on the Bible was Jesus. To the people afflicted with religion, the way to meet God was explained to them through the Word of God. People lost in idolatry, sin, demon-possession, and suffering accepted Jesus and experienced the guidance, inspiration, conviction, and power of the Holy Spirit. This ministry of the Word spread throughout Jerusalem (Ac. 2:41, 46-47, 6:7). The number of people who were being saved increased greatly. To say that evangelism is difficult is entirely incorrect and are merely the words of the one who does not know the mystery of Christ.

Therefore, evangelism has no choice but to take place. This Darakbang Evangelism Movement is: The restoration of the movement of the Early Church's Mark's Upper Room. It is the restoration the ministry of the Word of Pastor John Calvin and Martin Luther. It is the Jesus movement of D.L. Moody. And it is the Jesus movement of Wesley. No one was able to block these evangelism movements and no one will ever be able to in the future.

Definitions of Darakbang Terms

What is the Remnant?
As the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land. (Isaiah 6:13)
The Bible gives to us the all-encompassing, central term of the covenant "Remnant" (stump), whose meaning includes "the future generations," "who's left behind" to take responsibility for the future of the age and the nation and the "scattered ones." "When God's people, the Israelites, faced fearsome disaster and destruction due to their sin and idol worship, God remembered the promise He made to their ancestors and left behind people of the covenant. It was through these very people that were "left behind" that Israel was brought to restoration, and this is the Remnant ideology, subsequently leading all the way to Christ that flows throughout the Bible. In this present day which is covered in idols, religion, and the culture of darkness, God will raise up Remnants, who have the Gospel as the watchmen of the 21st century, and restore this age. The "never before and never after" answer where the whole world will hear the Gospel and live through the Remnants will unfold before us just as He promised.

What is the RUTC?
The Remnant Unity Training Center (RUTC) is a gospel and evangelism-centered training center that is strategically focused on raising Remnants who will save this world and this age through Oneness.

What is the OMC (Oneness Mission Club)?
It is the economic unity of successful businesspersons with the Gospel, who have gathered to put Acts 2:42 into practice. It is the group that will form specialized systems according to specific business types to support the specialists and finances of the RUTC, and through business development and charity provide for Remnant scholarships; the planting and raising of overseas missions. And encourage business enterprises that will reform the culture.

What is Evangelism Camp?
Evangelism Camp is shining the light in the field. (Gen. 1:1-3, Isa. 60:1-22, John 1:1-11, 1Pet. 2:9, Matt. 5:13-16) we're shining the light of creation, recreation and the light of the glory of the Lord in the field to fulfill God's plan of salvation and to break down the culture of darkness. Also, Evangelism Camp is completely enjoying everything that God has prepared for World Evangelism. God gave the gospel through all the figures and events in the Old Testament and established God's Kingdom. In the New Testament God prepared the World Evangelism workers (Rom. 16:1-27) through the 1st Century church, Antioch Church, and Macedonia Church. Entering into the New Testament Age through Paul's team in Acts 13:1 Evangelism Camp started full-scale.

Thus, Evangelism Camp is talking about the evangelist shining the light in the field of darkness, chaos, void (Gen 1:2) and darkness covering the entire land and its peoples (Isa. 60:2-3), by proclaiming Christ's name through the 5 biblical evangelism systems. And so we discover God's perfect preparation, and have the answers of the 1st Century reappear in today's field. For this the evangelists search for and move according to God's hidden plan in the region he has prepared, in God's time schedule (Acts 1:8), following the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:1-4). At this time the blessing of the Trinity God will be with the evangelists, the heavenly armies are mobilized in the field, and the works of creation which saves the individual, church, and fields begins.

General Evangelism Camp Schedule has the regional ministers take 3-5 days and share the word in the morning and scatter into the evangelism field in the afternoon to relay the gospel following the basic system of the word. Afterwards in the evening, they share the fulfillment of the word and the evangelism fruits that arose in each field through forum, and through the message of the evangelism camp coordinator they organize the day's ministry and prepare the ministry for the next day.